Covid-19 crisis – Phone in / virtual consultations


Many patients with Musckloskeltal pain and conditions requiring assessment will have particular concerns during the current and uncertain Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. We are also aware that our many referrers will find themselves under extreme pressure at this time. Zaid’s commitment to patients continues and we are now offering the contingency of ‘phone in / virtual consultations’ so those suffering with  Musckloskeltal problems can receive symptomatic guidance remotely. 

We have secured approval from ACC and other Major health insurance like Southern cross and NIB for virtual Consults. If you don’t have insurance or ACC, Dr. Matti will conduct  consultations at a reduced rate for the period of Covid-19 crisis. 

If you would like to contact the us to discuss a consultation from the comfort & security of your own home then do please contact us at  0272700100 or email